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We have developed unrivaled shipping expertise to offer you a range of services to connect you to key destinations across the globe.

The Main Features

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Our Vision

Our company stands for quality and satisfaction guarantee to make your business grow as soon as possible.


Our Mission

We do our best to serve you with high-end business solutions that could help you stand out among competitors effortlessly.


Our Strategy

We know how important it is for you to maintain your schedule, that’s why we do everything to fit it. Our professional team is always online to help you with any business-related issue.


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We provide the most reliable and discounted international Air Freight shipping service worldwide. Our Airport-to-Airport service accepts virtually all commodities, sizes and weights.

Door-to-door service is a popular choice for businesses, as all transportation costs as fuel surcharge, custom fees or other expenses that may be incurred along the way are covered.

Shipping oversized cargo is a matter of detail, proper planning, execution and the cost will depend on the actual size of the freight, machinery or heavy equipment being transported.

We offer documentation management as a value-added service. Our staff can guide you through the documentation process and create the documents on your behalf.

This service is available from 14 Asian countries to Europe, North America, and Latin America. We ship freight to our terminals and fly it to its final destination.


Shippers of all sizes can save up to 90% on shipping insurance and parcel insurance. The coverage discounts grow based on your shipping volume.


Thanks to our high-quality packaging and storage methods, you get your parcel in its entirety and good condition.


The type of documentation required depends on the type of goods you are exporting, their commercial value and the country or territory of destination.

Our professional staff can offer you help and advice on any matters regarding international transportation of your deceased loved one.

General & Special Cargo

Animals and Pets


Our furry friends must travel fully at ease, safe and should not suffer! We know that this is the only result that really matters and meets fully your expectations.

Temperature-Controlled Goods


We offer an array of solutions to meet your temperature-control freight shipping needs. We know how to keep products frozen or prevent products from freezing.

Dangerous Goods


We focus on all 9 classes of dangerous goods and provide a complete dangerous and hazardous goods logistics service.

Fragile and Sensitive Goods


We have a great experience handling fragile and hard to ship items. We are the trusted go-to company for many clients who have special shipping needs.

Vehicles and Parts


Whether you're buying or selling auto body parts and vehicles, we make shipping easy and affordable for you.

Our Benefits

With our extensive knowledge of logistics and shipping systems, we will find the best solution for you. We make sure your cargo will get there: on time, safely, and on budget. Do not worry about the world becoming more and more complex and transportation requirements increasing every day. We will take care of it all, every step of the way.


Globally known for our ability to handle every last detail of our customers' particular logistics and forwarding needs, our team takes care of all your shipments. We hope that with our services you will receive the most effective help ever.

  • Quality service at affordable price. The most effective way of shipping worldwide.
  • 100% satisfied customers. Our clients always get their packages safe and in time.
  • Multiple locations. We have offices in more than 50 countries around the globe.

As always, partners grow with you!

Transit Time




In case you have an urgent situation that requires expedited delivery, call our team. We can create a tailored shipping solution to meet your critical deadline anywhere.




The service ensures particularly short and calculable delivery times, including transport insurance, for your international shipments to business or private recipients.




If the value of your goods exceeds US$100.00, you can declare a higher value by entering the declared value in our shipping system used and paying an additional charge.

Pricing Table



$99 /  Month


US-wide Shipping

US-wide Courier Delivery

Logistics Solutions

Shipping in Bulk



$199 /  Month


Shipping in Bulk

Freight Delivery

Air Freight

Enhanced Liability



$299 /  Month


Enhanced Liability

International Shipping

International Courier Delivery

Air Freight


In order for me to be able to sell my beans I need them to be transported to Hong Kong firstly… This is when I need a helping hand (or a boat) of companies like this one! I’ve been using their seafaring services for years and it always paid off!



My experience of doing business with these guys has been nothing but pleasant! After the first bulk tank order of wheat transporting  they offered my company a courtesy discount for any future bulk orders! We’re working with them ever since!



I never understood why does anyone work with big seafaring companies, if the smaller ones can offer you a better price? That is my case, as when I compare working with this company and a multitude of other big-name providers, I prefer them!



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